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Leadership - Innovate for Survival & Growth
by Nitin Parab
Branding in the New Era

Organization need to wake up to the reality of tough times ahead. No longer will there be a cushion of time to take your marketing strategies at your own pace. You have to be in a state of Dynamic Flux. You should be in a hurry. The first advantage move will be a winner and organizations who innovate will be the organizations who survive.

The innovative ideas are human thoughts which have the energy to change or replace the existing product or service. Innovative ideas will transform the organization and create a spirit of growth which will take it to the next level of performance. Corporate History is stewen with cases where companies perish because they have not created a system of Innovation within their fold.

Innovation begins with Brain storming.

Brain storming is a communicative process of encouraging Ideas. The facilitator conducts the meeting where Quantity of Ideas is looked into not the Quality. The goal is to generate as many as possible in the shortest possible time. Everyone becomes a part of this process. No idea gets rejected for every idea is accepted no matter how absurd it looks. Often it is found that the crazy idea may come out to be the seed of a solution. The facilitator lists all ideas and is displayed where one can see it clearly. Documentation of ideas becomes a part of the process. Participants can build on one another’s ideas. Sometime one-person idea sparks an idea in someone else. Please take care that discussion and analysis of ideas are strictly prohibited.

Rethinking and Innovation should be encouraged and should be in synergy with the Business Plan. Innovation should percolate to all levels in the organization. In these Exponential Times with organizations finding it difficult to cope up either with growth or meltdown-Innovation is the answer. Take the

example of Google. Today with innovative practice it has become the largest media company. Today the customer has a variety of choices. In this scenario only when you are able to offer something. With New and better ideas can one make the organization move ahead. The solution is to have a full-scale Business Model innovation. Those who will incorporate Innovation in their DNA will certainly out beat the competition. Please note to create an environment of innovation one has to start with leadership. Top leaders should realize that the very survival of their organization rests on one word – INNOVATION.

A concept of 1% change per day towards creating innovative culture

This is like inducting innovative change in the smallest of manners into the organization. Let's take the case that you are able to bring in 1% of change within the organization on a daily basis, at the end of one year the Change Factor would be a compounded factor of 37% bringing about a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

Thus, with a small innovation carried out on a regular basis one will be able to observe the innovative structure getting created within the enterprise making it able to withstand turbulent markets. This analogy can be given to the bamboo tree. For the first five years nothing is seen as growth on the surface of the ground. The bamboo tree is making its roots stronger by going deep into the soil and then after 5 years there is a sudden growth which gets visible on the upper surface of the ground. The philosophy of Innovation can be thus put as small incremental change being triggered within the enterprise to create a transformative and sustainable business model.